Bathtub Refining Cost

Bathtub refinishing cost  ranges from $20 to $4000. As an expert creation, bath tub liner are more expensive than bath tub refinishing, yet the bathtub liners last longer than the bath tub refinishing. The bath tub liners cost ranges from $500 to $4000. The one with DIY (do it yourself) set is the least expensive one. The bathtub refinishing sets range from $20 to $200. 

Bath tub Refinishing Product

The bathtub refinishing sets include painting accessories kits, color sprayers and also bathtub inserts. They cost about $50 to $70, while the common price for the bathtub liner is about $500 to $1000, and the bathtub color sprayer typically ranges from $100 to $200.

Bathtub Refinishing Color

You can either fold or blow on the bathtub refinishing color. The bathtub refinishing color to cover one dimension of a bath tub will cost about $50-$70. While to refinish the base of a bath tub with typical dimension, it would take about $30 to $40. The application set of the bathtub refinishing color would cost you about $20-430.  

Certain Bath tub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing for a certain bath tub by an expert would cost you about $300-$1000, while the normal price for bath tub refinishing to cover the surefire bath tub would be $400-$500. The certain bath tub area, company and also dimension may determine the refinishing costs.

Fiberglas Bathtub Refinishing

You will need $150-$500 to have a fiberglass bath tub refinishing by an expert. Yet the normal price for bath tub refinishing to have a fiberglass bathtub is in fact $300-$400. The one with white or off-white color is less expensive than the colorful one.

Claw foot Bathtubs Refinishing

The bath tub material determines the price of refinishing the claw foot bathtubs. The claw foot bathtub of a modern fiberglass or polymer has less bathtub refinishing cost then the one of old certain bathtub. To refinish the claw foot bathtub, you need to spend $300-$1000. While to refinish the fiberglass or polymer claw foot bathtubs, it would take $300-$400. the throw iron/porcelain claw feet bathtubs is normally ranges from $400-$500.


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