Advertising Your Home Business With Pay Per Click Can Be Risky

An unfortunate byproduct of the pay per click advertisingbusiness is click fraud. Many people with an online businessspend large amounts of money on pay per click advertising onlyto discover that many of the people clicking on their adsweren’t really interested in their products or services.Bogus "visitors" to a pay per click ad represent click fraud.This is a serious scam that threatens the viability of the payper click advertising business which has become enormouslyprofitable for all of the major search engine operators, namelyGoogle, YahooOverture, and MSN.Click fraud has different twists, but the end result isgenerally the same. Advertisers are billed for fruitless trafficgenerated by someone who repeatedly clicks on an advertiser’s adwithout any intention of ever buying anything.The search engine advertising market is currently about .billion per year and estimates vary widely on how much clickfraud is actually going on. Clearly, the search engine operatorswo…


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