New Year’s Resolutions: Taking Care of You!

Time to get moving!

In November you said you would do it after Thanksgiving. Then the cold weather set in and those Christmas cookies were so yummy. But now it’s January and you can no longer deny that those jeans that you worked so hard to get back into after the baby, you now have to work doubly hard to get zipped.  Let’s not even talk about trying to get them buttoned! Yep, it’s time for a change.

Trust me; this is something I know a lot about. I have gained and lost more weight than I care to talk about. I’ll be the first to admit: It’s hard! That doesn’t mean impossible; a few consistent small changes can add up to big results. Here are four things to remember:

BE REALISTIC:  Right after I had my babies, I was so, well, squishy. You know what I’m talking about. Soft and round all over and I couldn’t wait not to be. I embarked on a rigorous diet and exercise program that left me tired and irritable and oh, did I mention STARVING?!? So the first thing in the march to reclaim your body is to be realistic. Remember it’s going to take a little bit of time to get that weight off. Sleep is also a big part of weight loss so it’s imperative you get your rest too.

MAKE SMALL CHANGES:  I’m going to let you in on a secret; I have a RAGING sweet tooth that derails even my most basic attempts at fitness. Well, this year, I decided that instead of saying things like, “I’m not going to eat candy this month,” I’ll say, “I’m not going to eat candy TODAY.”  In other words, I’ll take that big, hairy, unwieldy goal and break it down into something more manageable. I know we’re only a few weeks into the New Year but I am pleased to report, it seems to be working. Try it!

BE CONSISTENT: This is critical! Look, in high school you didn’t learn French by studying it one day a week, right? You needed to study it every day, review it and work hard on the stuff that didn’t come easy to you. It’s the same thing with your fitness goals; you can’t expect to see real change if you dip in and out, averaging one workout every other week. Commit to working at it every day.

MAKE IT A PRIORITY:  Ah yes, this is the one that’s hardest for us moms, isn’t it? I always say it’s because we’re living so many other people’s lives that ours sort of gets squeezed out of there. Pretty soon it’s easy to scribble out the workout because of a play date or sick child. Well, no more! Time to make exercise, and you, a priority! That mean’s putting it in your calendar, circled in red, with reminders! As a member of Evenflo’s Savvy Parent campaign, I know real life can sometimes derail even the best of plans, so make sure you have a backup plan. If you can’t get out to the gym, pop in an exercise video or find one on YouTube and get a work out in at home. Double the fun by putting baby in an ExerSaucer or  Johnny Jump Up in the room with you, so she can get moving too.  But don’t give up just because plans change; remember the long-term goal, which is good health so that you can be the best to you and the others in your life. 

Evenflo Savvy Parenting Expert Rene Syler, founder of Good Enough Mother




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